Apple confirms iPhone will adopt USB-C charger, but only in EU

Apple confirms they will comply with new European law Which will put USB Type C chargers on most electronic devices by the end of 2024, distribution with Lightning ports iPhoneAt least in this market.

Twenty-seven have given their approval to the new directive this week that will implement Single USB-C charger for vast majority of portable electronic devices by fall 2024Thus completing the final step to apply for your signature and later.

The compulsion to include a USB Type C port affects Smartphones that are marketed in member countries of The European Unionregardless of manufacturer, which has forced Apple to pay attention in recent weeks, because The iPhone Uses Its Own Port, Called Lightning,

“Obviously, we’ll have to meet [con la legislaciĆ³n]”, confirmed the Senior Vice President of Global Marketing AppleGreg Joswiak, speaking at The Wall Street Journal’s annual Tech Live conference. “We have no choice” like other local laws around the worldhas indicated.

And they have made it clear that they are not satisfied. “We believe that the approach that would have been better environmentally and It is better for our customers not to have such a prescriptive government,

joswiak It hasn’t moved on when it will offer the iPhone with a USB-C charger Nor if they would expand this specification to more markets other than Europe.

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