Apple has launched its digital services Apple Music, Apple One and Apple TV+ in Spain. raised the price of

First iPhone, then iPad and now its online services streaming, Apple is raising the prices of its products and Now it’s Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple One’s turn, The Apple brand has announced a decision that it intends to implement in parts of the world, including the European continent and the United States. For now, Latin America is free from this strategy.

Media outlet 9to5Mac has obtained statements from an Apple spokesperson: “Apple Music’s change is due to increased licensing costs and, in turn, Artists and songwriters will earn more for streaming their music,

Schemes Apple Music Voice and students won’t be affected and will remain at 4.99 and 5.99 euros, respectively, per month. those who change will be individualwhich will be from EUR 9.99 to EUR 10.99 per month, and FamiliarWhose customers will have to pay 16.99 euros per month before paying 14.99 euros per month.

With its Apple TV+ service, it has highlighted that They started with a very low price Because they had “only a few shows and movies”. Three years later, the firm’s source believes the Apple TV+ catalog has grown, so the cost increase is justified.

In such a situation, the price has been increased by two euros and the price of Apple TV+ has gone up to 6.99 euros every month as compared to 4.99 earlier.

For its part, Apple One packages with which customers can pay for Apple Music and Apple TV+ at the same time have also increased their price:

  • Apple One Personal: From 14.95 to 16.95 Euro/month.
  • Apple One Familiar: From 19.95 to 22.95 Euro/month.
  • Apple One Premium: 28.95 to 31.95 EUR/month

The company yesterday introduced its new generation of tablets with innovative technology, but a bit more expensive.

It should be noted that the company offers some of the functions to its customers which on other platforms are an additional charge. In Apple Music, the company includes Lossless audio and spatial audio And, on Apple TV+, the standard quality is 4K HDR.

Users will receive a series of notifications from the Apple brand where they will be notified about price changes 30 days ago, If your customers choose to leave your services due to increased costs, they will have to unsubscribe from the official website of the firm, never from third party platforms.

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