Apple improves iPhone always-on display mode to reduce battery drain

Always-on-Display Technology This has reached the iPhone with Generation 14, especially in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Supposedly, this system removes the dark colors from the pixels on the screen and thus, saves more battery life even when the mobile is on.

This technology was finally implemented in the iOS 16.2 beta and promises to be similar to some Android phones. However, Ricardo Aguilar, a journalist from Xataka, has shown on his Twitter account that In iPhones this system spends the same amount of time as Android in ‘normal’ conditions.

“the problem is that Keep the Knits in the Sun to Look Good -he explained in a tweet-, and there consumption skyrocketed. “In general, Apple’s Always On Display works as a complete dimming of the panel, ie in sunlight and with automatic brightness, the nits increase and the battery drains faster in the presence of colors.

With the new iOS 16.2 beta, Apple will attempt to fix these issues through the AOD mode settings. will be especially Option to remove wallpaper and notificationsCompletely darkening the screen, so that energy is not wasted.

This change will only allow users see the time when their screen is ‘locked’, But it also fixes the battery issue.

Apple customers will have to say 'Siri' instead of 'Hey Siri' to activate the voice assistant.

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