Apple launches repair package so that its customers can get their phones fixed from home

Apple has been announcing the launch of repair service for some time now. So that their customers can take care of getting their mobiles fixed without taking the help of an expert, The initiative is called ‘Self Service Repair Store’, but it’s only available in the United States at the moment.

Apple’s self-repair service was something consumers had been waiting for for a long time. Even then, Now that it’s here, the brand may not have lived up to user expectations for prices.

The screen package is similar to the price of the repair service.

Overall, the firm has released repair packages for the iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone SE 3rd generation. In case you want to fix the screen of iPhone 13 Pro, The kit will cost $269, while the shop repair is about $279.

Although the prices are high, This measure will comply with the EU’s right to compensation, Although we still have to wait for the solution to leave the US.

Turing will give up to 100 Euros per year per person with his repair bonus.

Self-Repair Package: Designed for the Experts

Apple has insisted that the kits it issued they are designed to be usedPersonal technician with knowledge and experience for repair of electronic equipment, With this, they try to invite their customers to continue using professional repairmen to avoid possible damages.

According to The Verge, the prices the company has set for self-repair packages are similar to those of authorized repair services as it wants users to prefer turning to experts. However, this does not prevent those who decide to do it themselves and provide repair manuals on their website.

Customers who repair their equipment They will be able to return the damaged parts they have replaced to Apple and receive a monetary reward in return. For example, users who return batteries from the iPhone 12 or 13 can get $24.15 back. In such a situation, the intention of the company is to promote recycling.

The goal is to enhance user security.

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