Apple will let you download apps outside the App Store

The most infamous EU regulation that will force Apple to modify its products due to its obligation to install USB Type C charging ports in electronic devices. The deadline for implementing this rule is December 28, 2024But this is not the only change that the apple brand should adopt before that year.

Apple will allow its customers to download apps on their iOS devices outside of its official App Store, according to Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman. The decision will take shape next year with an update to iOS 17 and is aimed at meeting the requirements that the European Union will demand from 2024.

Engineers, who are in charge of software and services for the technology firm’s devices, are already working on it, according to information reached to Gurman. The staff is currently working on integrating third-party apps into iOS so that they don’t need to visit the App Store.

Until now, Apple device customers had to use the official App Store if they wanted to download one. The reason given by the company was that in this way they ensured that the users do not install any harmful platform. However, this feature has been accused of breaking antitrust laws.

Apple doesn't want to delay further with its App Store policies and has pushed back the June 30 deadline.

Apple not only forced app developers to use the App Store to get closer to iOS customers, but also had to charge 30% of their earnings to those who implemented payments on its platform. In fact, this measure has led to occasional confrontations between Tim Cook and Elon Musk, After the owner of Twitter implemented a subscription plan on the social network.

Through EU legislation, conditions will be level for third-party developers from Google and Apple and digital quality for consumers will also improve. However, Gurman details the The change that will allow downloads outside the App Store in iOS 17 only affects European users.

Engineers are studying the possibility of installing apps outside of its official store to avoid making it unsafe to install some security requirementsAs explained by Bloomberg analyst.

iCloud users will now be able to use their service as a backup for third-party security keys.

Applications can be downloaded from other application stores or browsers (known API, application programming interface, By removing restrictions on downloads from browsers, Alphabet will benefit, as until now Google Chrome on iOS had to use Safari’s web browsing engine, WebKit.

On the other hand, engineers are also looking for ways to allow third-party apps to securely use the services of Apple devices, Like Camera or NFC.

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