Apple’s augmented reality glasses could do iris scanning for payments and to leave behind passwords

We recently reported on new advertising business for Meta Glass from 20Bits, in which the device will use eye tracking data to personalize ads. There seems to be some privacy even in our eyes, because Apple wants to use mixed reality glasses to pay,

Information indicates that two users developed the device with the functionality of Scan iris to log into bank accounts With the intention of making a payment, as is done with Face ID and Touch ID.

To enable scanning, lInternal cameras track where users are lookingAdditionally, the tracking device reduces the graphical fidelity in peripheral vision to reduce the processing required for graphics.

Regarding the design, MacRumors states that the product will have fourteen cameras, it will have a design similar to ski gogglesIt will be made of multiple materials (mesh, aluminum and glass), will be thinner and lighter than the Quest Pro, and Will adjust the prescription of the person’s eyes,

MacRumors states that “on the outside, a screen is said to allow other people to see the user’s facial expressions. Despite concerns about how it might use up the extra battery life, Will run at low refresh rate to save powerSimilar to Always On Display on Apple Watch and iPhone.

The Information concludes that there is a possibility that some features may not arrive in the final version of the glasses until next year.

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