Aracely Arámbula makes a painful revelation about her children: “their father abandoned them”

happy and beautiful actress araceli arambula there was one 2022 victorious in World Of TV serial after he returns big door as leading lady in soap opera “Stepmother”. however, although it was full Huge Career Achievements him too singer there was one traumatic loss which till today is taking sensitive fibers in Ella and his family. we talk about his death dear father One mid July of year In syllabus. death of don manuel arambula because of a fulminant infarction he left Hollow in their lives relatives, It was revealed by natives of the state of Chihuahua, located in the north Mexico.

The telenovela “La Madrastra” appears on Canal de las Estrellas at 9:30 p.m. Photo: Instagram of Arceli Armbula

During the Televisa program “Hoy”, 47 year old actress entry heard victorious with this telenovela of Suspended why revenge who took office heart His the audience. but overall “Live” mother of miguel and daniel confessed that his family nucleus still a lot Understanding For him Death from your dear father, who else represented why Work as a shape ancestral Of sons of Aracely and Luis Miguel. Let’s remember that in the nominee Billboard Awards, there was one close relationship depending on his parents Self-confidence why Support for strengthened by his arrival Obstetrics.

when asked Actress to whom did he dedicate telenovela, could not avoid bite into sound and put crying eyes Since this excellent delivery was dedicated to him “With much love and with all my soul” For this father, for them sons already his Brother, Leonardo Arambula, which is always shown as second Symbol of protection, care and affection For her and her little ones. referring to dear father, actress kissed Told from your neck and looked away to share a smile. Remembered his father and The conversation continued.

“Very well, this is dedicated to my beautiful daddy with all my soul. With all my heart. I leave my soul here, with all I have left. So, with much love. Kisses to the chihuahua, to my Leo, Which is my strength, my children. This work is also dedicated to my children with all my love. And well, I hope Miguel and Daniel would be very proud of me.

Aracely Arámbula and Andrés Palacios attended the program “Hoy” to announce the premiere of “La Madrastra”. Photo: Aaj Ka YouTube Channel

And then nothing, giving it my all, because I love living the character. You already know it’s hard to work like this, but you have to give it your all because that’s what he wants and he would have told me so (referring to his father). Therefore, giving the soul, the heart once again in a different novel, because it has been difficult, “said Araceli Arambaula.

He also emphasized that Heart never resigns Because the head understands but it’s not he described that he has sometimes very nice day and others in which comes to break when he remembers Pastor. especially don manuel arambula was a great example for Life of her and her children Miguel and Daniel, of 15 and 13 years old, respectively. we also know that two are still going to school and waiting which career to pursue when they grow up though rumors say that Possibility one of them wants to join artistic medium.

remember that the children of Aracely Armbula and Luis Miguel Gallego Bastari, they lived with them a lot Grandfather, don manuel served as a priest already six months from your match they still remember him Familiar and they are living His duality. ,‘It’s very difficult because they are living and going through duality and of course there are days like that they cry and there are days they go bankrupt well they left his father, Who is my father…”, Explained the actress. She also stresses that she understands Relationship Completely Grandson Since he lived with her like that. thanks to him he has love to sing and the performance that led him Star many TV serial Feather small screen.

Since she was young she participated in beauty pageants. Photo: Aracely Arambula’s Instagram

“I had a great-grandfather, because thanks to singing, I inherited this feeling and the vocation of being an artist,” recalled the “Solo Tuya” and “Sexy” singer. Similarly, and on this line, she stressed that her father is her brother and the father of her children, “so it’s been a special time, but we shake hands a lot, my brother helps me a lot. ..”, said the actress.

However, despite the success of the new version of “stepmother”, “Miss Chihuahua” recently admitted that she had a hard time making ends meet Recording From Production, Thinking of retiring. according to the winner 1996 of “The Face of the Herald of Mexico”, there were moments when tumbled down, so he considered leaving telenovela of To install TelevisaUnivision. On the other hand, araceli She said that she is very proud of her return to the screen. Televisa Later 10 years of Absence Feather company. He admitted that he takes very maturely for longer, see also their sons growing up and lead the way Adolescence. Let us hope that in the same way, the pain of losing your respected father which you are still feeling, will end and you can continue to shine bright as ever.

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