Aracely Arámbula raises the temperature with a daring outfit

Aracely Arámbula is one of the most prominent television actresses of our country and has won the hearts of all the audience for her roles on the small screen. before luis miguelo She is also a singer who knew how to achieve success and to show that she is one of the most wanted and most beautiful women in the world, she flaunted her incredible body as a daredevil through a few stories on her Instagram. Shown wearing a dress.

After a long wait, finally the telenovela ‘La Madrasstra’, which is the reverse of the original, was released. For this remake, the actors called were Chili Andres Palacios and araceli, The actress assured that if the audience liked the version starring Victoria Ruffo, they would love it and it is a completely renewed story and will have 50 chapters. The singer also added: “It’s told with all the existing things: the techniques, the stories and the moments that the characters live for in the moment.” In addition, he explained that he does not want to compare himself.

Araceli Arambula will star in ‘La Madrasstra’. Source Instagram @aracelyarambula

araceli She is best known for being the ex-wife of Luis Miguel and the mother of their two sons. Although they were together for four years, the post-relationship relationship has become complicated, as he struggles to find financial support. When she lost her father a few months back, the actress had sought help, but got no response.

Through his Instagram account where he has over six million followers, araceli She was in charge of demonstrating why she is one of the most beautiful and desired women of all and at 47, she showed off her curves through a daring outfit that caused sighs and even It also challenged the social network’s ban limit of small cameras.

in the last days, arambula She has been in charge of promoting the telenovela ‘La Madras’ on her social network and is seen as another variation, the same one she uses in her new work project. In addition, it confirms that age is no barrier to showing your figure and being loved by all.

Aracely Arámbula fell in love with everyone. Source Instagram @aracely_arambula

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