Aracely Arámbula: Reveals 3 bikinis with which her figure stands out

beautiful actress araceli The Mexican is one of the celebrities in the middle of the show to boast a stunning silhouette, and without a doubt, her look is in reveal bikini with whom the ex-wife also luis miguelo know Stand out to the maximum figure Curvy, establishes herself as one of those celebrities who teach style and fashion, as confirmed by the pictures she shared on her Instagram account.

Originally from Chihuahua, the singer has managed to establish herself as one of the darlings of entertainment and social networks. With dozens of soap operas on the list of successful projects such as “La Donna” and “El Seor de los Cielos”, the former partner of the interpreter of “La Inconditional” and the father of their two children, Miguel and DanielAdds more fans every day on digital platforms like Meta, in which it collects 6.3 million.

Arasili Arambula wins in a flirty bikini

arambulaalso known as “la chule“She is one of those beautiful artists who defy the rules of fashion, because although some designers prefer Carolina Herrera Ensures that it should not be used after the age of 40 Swimsuit In two pieces, the actress does it in the best way and stuns her millions of followers on social networks with her perfect outfits for a day at the beach.

Aracely shows off a fabulous body. Photo: IG @aracelyarambula

On her social networks, mainly Instagram, the 47-year-old host and singer has been crowned the Queen of Style for her outfits. exposureBecause she boasts of a huge number of images in which she flaunts her stunning figure, which she has no problem with looking daring. bikiniWith which her beauty stands out, and her slim and curvy figure, which her fans are very fond of.

The beautiful ex-wife of the so-called “Sol de México”, has proved to be a multifaceted artist, because, in addition to her work as an actress, in telenovelas such as: “Sonadores”, “Abrazam mu Fuerte” and ” La Patron”, she has performed several The year before, he ventured into music, where he was nominated for Billboard Awards in the categories of Best Album, Best Duo and Best Regional Mexican Theme with his production “Solo Tuya”.

The actress wins everyone’s heart with her beauty and bold look. Photo: IG @aracelyarambula

“La Chule”As she is affectionately called by her fans and friends, it shows that she is a woman of great beauty and has a splendid and curvy figure, which she can wear in the prettiest outfits like evening dresses, or the most daring outfits. are included together. , to like sexy bikiniWith whom they are not often seen, but when they meet, they create a ruckus among their millions of followers.

araceli He was born on March 6, 1975 in the city of Chihuahua. From a young age, she stood out for her beautiful face, due to which she participated in beauty pageants. He was named “Face of the Herald of Mexico” in 1996. In her debut as an actress, and while she was studying at Televisa’s CEA, she made small appearances in soap operas such as “Prijnera d’Amor”, “Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma” and “Canción d’Amor”. .

“La Chule” is captivating from the beach. Photo: IG @aracelyarambula

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