Aracely Arámbula shows off her beauty in a white dress with a deep neckline

araceli She is one of the cutest actresses in the middle of the show, in addition to being one of the most beautiful faces and figures in entertainment, which has earned her a shower. Flattery In social networks, as in a . with his last outfit White dress who caught his eye Clear neckline.

“La Chule”, as the actress is also called, has a successful career in the small screen and theater where she has shown her talent; In addition, it gives style chair Her every look shows how versatile a garment can be if used properly. Although on more than one occasion he has thrown the strict rules out the window. moda To add the unique touch of sensuality that characterizes her so much.

Aracely Arambula in a white dress. Photo: Special

This time around, the singer also added a little humor to her video on Instagram, with her more than 6 million followers going crazy as she shared it with an audio from comedian Franco Escamilla: “It’s A Magical Dress That Makes You WaistHighlight your curves… You are seen with a mother. You arrive at the wedding and everyone turns to see you. You see me with a mom, I know it and they know it and I’m better off here, jealous.”

It is a white dress with straight cut at the bottom which perfectly fits her figure and a small train at the back which highlights this area of ​​her body. With a tight corset, she draws attention to her wasp waistWhile the sheer plunging neckline adds to the sexy being part of her look and the puff sleeves provide elegance,

Aracely Arámbula boasts a white dress with a mini waist. Photo: Special

Secret of Arseli Arambul

it’s not the first time that actress, 47 years old, She flaunts her impressive figure on social networks with her photos, as during her holidays she takes the opportunity to update her followers about the activities she does while flaunting her steel belly with a small bikini.

former partner of luis miguelo also shows consistency with a strict exercise routine and Healthy Diet, The secret of her figure and she does not hesitate to share with her followers her projects on television as well. Among the favorite exercises of the actress, kickback stands out, which, according to experts, helps to increase the volume.

However for those who have neither the machine nor the time to go gymThe “Wildheart” star shows there is no excuse as he uses the stairs in his house to go up and down several times. It strengthens the muscles of both the legs and shoulders. buttocks,

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