Aracely Arámbula: what she looked like when she devoted herself to singing Nortino, with tuxedo and tight leather outfits

Aracely Arámbula is considered one of the most beautiful faces in the world performanceBut this is not the only thing for which the star has conquered television and national and international cinema, is famous for being an outstanding actress and also a fine singer, which she has displayed since the beginning of her professional career.

It was during his participation in the telenovela “Lasavias del Amor” whose first chapter was presented. 5 August 2002 And the last on June 6, 2006, when Araceli Arambula showed the whole world that she was shaping up to be a representative of the genre. Mexican Territory.

One of the singer’s outfits TW/@beforearacely

wearing clothes that reveal his features and wearing a hat at all times, araceli The one who gave life to Perla Gutierrez, recorded the main subject of the telenovela produced by Emilio Larosa, featuring Jorge Salinas as Gabriel Quezada, Enrique Rocha as Sebastian Mendoza, Sasha Montenegro as Catalina Valencia, Adolfo Lascurane and Daniela. Gabriel Soto also participated in it. As Romeo Leticia Lopez to name a few.

single disc. TW/@beforeaacely

project of televisa It is currently available on the Blim and Apple TV platforms, and while the video is still on YouTube, the audiovisual features comments from users who state that the original chihuahua He had a promising future in music, but focused on acting.

araceli arambula today

famous mother of two children who had singer luis migueloA relationship that made her a part of the gossip, as everyone wanted to know about her love, although it was a long time in which she was followed by cameras, she now maintains a more relaxed profile, as she is now not with the interpreter “Girl in Blue Bikini”,

To date, he continues to work on projects for television or digital platforms, part of 2022 “Stepmother” an adaptation they made Univision And she is a loyal user of the social network, a platform on which, apart from keeping in touch with people following her career, she reveals little about her personal life and her children.

It should be remembered that he also went through tragic stages in his life, such as the death of his father, who suffered a heart attack at the age of 84, while Arselli was recording “Stepmother”A situation she had to face despite the pain caused by the loss of her loved one.

He was in a relationship with Luis Miguel. Specific

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Karol ji are you? Aracely Arámbula surprises with red hair, she looks beautiful

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