Aragon, the land of digital talent: SDA has been honored with the 2022 National Design Awards

Servicios Digitales de Aragón (SDA), the government sector of Aragon that works to improve people’s experience when they use public services through technology and design, has received a Special Mention in the ‘Professional’ Category of the National Design Awards for 2022 Provided by Ministry of Science and Innovation.

SDA is awarded “for flawlessly and effectively incorporating strategic and service design as a fundamental element” in this modality Transformation, Modernization and Innovation of Public Administration,

The jury, composed of professionals of eminent repute in the field of design, stated in its judgment that “the SDA is capable of conceiving, Making it a National Benchmark which serves as an example for governments and administrations, a new paradigm on which to base people’s relationships with public institutions”.

He said he did it”Thanks to a human team committed to keeping citizens at the center Determined to optimize the possibilities of design as a tool for improving public policies and procedures and the digital environment.

it’s about For the first time the National Design Awards recognize a public administration Category of professionals for activity related to design and innovation in administration and public services.

With this mention, the professional design community recognizes the SDA as Leading organization in introducing design within administration and the professional career of a multidisciplinary team that has been applying design methodologies to their work over the years.

Design Methods

,When no one in the administration talked about the design, the government of Aragon already had a team. number of professionals who were clear that implementing design methodologies was the only way to improve the provision of services”, highlighted this regional executive, Minister of Science, University and Knowledge Society of Maru Diaz.

Díaz stated that “if there is one thing that we can highlight, it is how the SDA involves all public personnel in the transformation of the government of Aragon. Provide more efficient and simpler public servicesPutting people at the center of policies”.

For his part, the Head of Design and Development of the Public Service Service and Head of the SDA, José María Subero, outlined how, thanks to the application of the design It has been achieved that “information is more understandable, that public services are efficient and simple”.that our administration undergoes a transformation and, ultimately, citizens have the best possible experience when dealing with the government of Aragon”.

Currently, SDA is engaged in a number of projects, including a global redesign of citizen services, MIA—a secure and accessible digital space for relationships between government and citizens—of Aragon; Records Manager, a tool designed to facilitate and expedite the tasks of the managing staff; o DESY, the first open design system for public administration in Spain.

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