Archangel: This is how the huge tattoo that was done on the whole chest and the one that used some general anesthesia

The urban music singer Arcangel made it known on his official social media platforms that he got a tattoo in honor of his 21-year-old brother Justin, a young man who died in 2021. auto accident This is a year of sad events, the international star decided to honor his memory with something significant.

The news seemed somewhat “normal” to many people, but upon learning of the difficulties the star was facing, everyone turned to see what it looked like, since it was not a common tattoo, but one that required general anesthesia because it was in all of it. torso.


To get the design into the skin, six expert tattooers were needed, in total the hours they were reclining and sleeping to bear the pain of the tattoo were eyes, divided into two days, so that the reguetonero did not suffer. too much.

“@arcangel tatuaje en bajo anestesia, Un honor poder projectar a sentiment as important as the memory of his brother Justin. Project in process, honor, loyalty and respect. Always together with my team. Today I celebrate a year of my departure, much love for Austin and his family”, wrote from the account of gangatattoo on Instagram.


The result after the criticisms

The singer was applauded by many people for the act he carried out, but also divided opinions, as some of the network users mentioned that he was exaggerating and doing a dramatic act to create controversy and that could cost him his life.

“General anesthesia 4 hours a day for 2 consecutive days was the process to get this tattoo done in memory of my brother Justin. All in the hands of @gangatattoo and his team. This next Monday, November 21, I complete one year of my departure and I’m going to launch the Intro JS4E of my disc SrSantos Honor, Loyaltad and Respeto”, wrote at that moment Austin Agustín Santos, real name of Arcángel.


“Vale la pena llorar por quien merece each one of your tears. You will always be in my heart, son, brother, friend. Today, after 365 days, I started writing our book, Sigue flying high that here and below you will follow me in charge that you will never be named but never die. ¡Qué placer tan grande poder llamarte mi sangre! Te amo y te maré por siempre”, commented the interpreter of “Me acostumbré” publishing the image of the engraving, which occupies all his chest”, were the words of the Archangel and the result in the body.


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video | Archangel recurs a general anesthesia to tattoo the whole chest in honor of a very important person

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