Arizona gubernatorial candidates Kari Lake and Katie Hobbs on abortion, immigration and the economy

Washington — Arizona governor candidate Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, and Kari Lake, a Republican, discussed the top issues facing voters in the state a month before election day on “Face the Nation” on Sunday, making their pitch for That’s why he should serve as the chief executive of Arizona in one. One of the most closely watched races in this cycle.

a cbs news poll Hobbes and Lake got a stalemate at 49% of the likely voters published on Wednesday. Among registered voters in Lake, Arizona, however, trails Hobbs by nine points in how she handles herself personally.

Hobbs, who serves as Arizona’s secretary of state, declined an invitation to debate Lake, which has accepted former President Donald Trump’s false claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

Hobbs told “Face the Nation” during an interview on Sunday that he has “no desire to be part of the spectacle” around his Republican gubernatorial rival and accused Lake of creating a “circus” that benefits Arizona voters. does not deliver.

“With 30 days in the race at the moment, our schedule is pretty much set in terms of forums. And I’m really pleased with where we are in the plans, as we continue to speak directly to the voters of Arizona.” he said.

Katie Hobbs, left, and Kari Lake on “Face the Nation.”

CBS News

But Lake, who will participate in a face-to-face interview Wednesday, said she has agreed to participate in “any and all” debate with Hobbs.

“I would love if she showed up because I think there are a lot of important issues that the people of Arizona need to hear about,” she said.

Both Lake and Hobbes appeared on “Face the Nation” for back-to-back interviews, during which they discussed the top issues facing voters. Here’s what he had to say.


Lake proposes to join Arizona in a compact with other like-minded states immigration enforcement at the US-Mexico border and said it has spoken with other governors who have promised to help Arizona.

“Article 4, section 4 asks the federal government to protect us from invasion, and under Joe Biden’s lack of leadership, we’re just not seeing that,” she told “Face the Nation.” “And we’ve invaded our border, the cartels, these narco-terrorist groups have operational control. And they’re using Arizona to smuggle people, smuggle children, and the most dangerous drug, fentanyl And so we’re going to invoke our article one, section 10, basically, the right to take care of our borders and defend our borders.”

Lake told “Face the Nation” that the failure of immigration policy by the Biden administration has led to an increase in fentanyl arriving at the southern border, affecting people not only in Arizona but across the country as drugs flow into other states. Huh.

“We’re not going to back down and let our people get addicted to drugs, watch our kids die,” she said. “We can’t do that. We’re losing our younger generation. So I hope Joe Biden doesn’t fight us because then it looks like he’s on the side of the cartel. And I don’t think he wants people to think that.” “

Meanwhile, Hobbs said Arizona has borne the brunt of the failures of US immigration policies, but told “Face the Nation” that it has had a “poor” immigration policy for decades.

“Trump has focused his entire immigration policy on dismantling the wall and hasn’t done that. But Biden needs to increase immigration and border security. Absolutely,” he said. “Arizona is bearing the brunt of illegal drug trafficking, gun smuggling and smuggling. And we need more border security. It’s not going to happen by declaring a border invasion or eliminating the FBI, which is another Called for the matter which my opponent has.”

Hobbes criticized Lake’s plan, saying his position was “empty rhetoric”.

“She is not giving a real solution. When she talks about implementing the constitutional right of the state, she is talking about declaring an invasion of our southern border,” she said. “It will do absolutely nothing to enhance border security, but it will bring untold levels of chaos to our state. It is not a real solution.”


CBS News poll finds 60% of Arizona voters believe abortion Should be legal in all or most cases, and abortion is a top issue for Democratic voters in the state, although it does not rank high among all voters compared to the economy, inflation or immigration.

Lake told “Face the Nation” that she would “follow the law” on abortion limits in Arizona, which currently restricts the process After 15 weeks of pregnancy.

“We need to draw the line somewhere. I’m going to be the state executive, chief executive officer, and I’ll follow the law,” she said. “The law is as it is now. In 15 weeks the government is the law of deuce, so we will follow the law.”

Lake supports giving women a choice when facing an unplanned pregnancy and argued that when women go to abortion clinics, “they are given only one choice.”

“I will uphold the law, whatever the law is. And I want to see that we have saved more lives,” she said.

Hobbs said on “Face the Nation” that she does not support Arizona’s 15-week abortion ban and accused Lake of “completely mistaking” her position on abortion.

“Under the Kari Lake administration, we have government-mandated forced births that put women’s lives at risk. And that’s at a peak,” Hobbs said. “It is out of touch where most Arizonans support access to safe and legal abortion. And under her administration, women would not be safe.”

Hobbs said abortion is a “very personal decision that lies between a woman and her doctor.”

“The government and politicians are not involved in that decision, we must let the doctors take the care they are trained and take an oath to perform,” she said.


According to a CBS News poll, the economy and inflation are top issues for potential voters in Arizona, and voters most concerned about immigration and the economy favor the Republican nominee.

Hobbs said she and her husband know all too well the struggles of Arizona families amid high consumer prices, which have raised their family “through financial ups and downs.”

“We have a comprehensive plan in place to address the rising costs that are facing Arizonans right now that will put money back in their pockets,” she said. “We cut taxes on all kinds of everyday items like over the counter medicine, school supplies, diapers, feminine hygiene products, we also offer a state-level child tax credit and tax credits for those who are in high paying jobs. I want to go back to work. To pursue career and technical education.”

election denial

Arizona was one of the states crucial to President Biden’s 2020 presidential victory, and he became the first Democrat to win the state since 1996. The results of the presidential election in Arizona were certified, and confirmed through an arm’s reckoning and review, commissioned by Republicans. State.

Lake, who has repeated Trump’s unfounded claims that the 2020 election was rife with voter fraud, said on Sunday that there are “big problems” with the state’s election system.

“We cannot speak against our own election. “I am only demanding that we have the ability to speak up when our government does something wrong. We should be able to speak out against it.”

Lake said that “honesty” would have to be restored in the elections.

Unsupported claims about the integrity of the polls have sparked threats against election workers, and last week, a 64-year-old Iowa man was arrested after threatening to kill Maricopa County Supervisor Clint Hickman.

Asked if she supports federal and state prosecutions against people who threaten election workers, Lake said, “Anyone who threatens their lives should be detained and questioned.”

“I think we need to go back to where we have free speech and we shouldn’t threaten people, and I hope they arrest that man and take him into custody.”

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