Artemis I launch live: Mission’s last minutes, schedule and takeoff

Everything ready for launch After several delays, Artemis arrived. it’s almost The first of a series of missions aiming to return humans to the Moon,

This first attempt to send the Orion space capsule into space will serve the team NASA For Check that the ship is capable of performing the maneuvers for which it is designedas well as re-entering Earth’s atmosphere at high speed – it is estimated to do so at about 40,000 kilometers per hour – and remain intact.

Orion’s capsule during this flight Artemis I will be launched from the world’s most powerful rocket and It will fly farther than any spacecraft built for humans.,

During the mission, it will travel 450,000 km from the Earth and 64,000 km from the far side of the Earth. luna, orion Will stay in space longer than any human spacecraft without being docked to the space station,

If everything goes according to plan, Orion’s unmanned test will splash down in the Pacific Ocean on December 11, 2022But not before compiling lunar information for scientists Earth The mission is expected to last for 25 days, 11 hours and 36 minutes. In this time it would have covered a distance of about 20 lakh kms.

Here are the latest top news stories about the mission:

Direct Launch Artemis I

placeholder mam module

Artemis I launch live: Mission’s last minutes, schedule and takeoff

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