Artemis I Mission: This Is NASA’s SLS Megarocket We’ll See Take Off This Wednesday

NASA is launching its long-awaited Artemis program. will start withunmanned mission launch Which will travel to the Moon’s orbit from Cape Canaveral (Florida) next Wednesday, November 16.

One of the main characters will be the Space Launch System (SLS). This Mega Rocket is a launch vehicle designed for explore deep spacecosting the US space agency $18 million, took a decade to build, send a manned mission to the moonIt weighs 85 tons and is 98 meters high.

The first ‘SLS Block 1’ version will launch on the Artemis I mission, which must generate 39.1 meganewtons (approximately) of thrust at launch to become E.he is the most powerful rocket today,

In case you didn’t know, the SLS is made up of a main stage, two SRB boosters (located on either side), an interim cryogenic propulsion stage (referred to as the ICPS), and four RS-25 engines located at its base.

SLS parts and components.

The rocket core has a diameter of 86 meters, stores 730,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen and oxygen, and The engines will generate a takeoff speed of 16,000 kmph Thanks to the SRB thrusters.

Similarly, the final ICPS stage will give the final push to the Orion spacecraft (located on top of the rocket) to reach lunar orbit.

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