Artificial intelligence is already able to predict precancerous lesions or detect arrhythmias: this is how its algorithms work

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a tool that optimizes and automates mechanical tasks that require prior analysis of large amounts of data.

Healthcare, for example, uses AI develop new therapeutic optionsMake medical decisions, plan personalized treatment and even diagnose diseases.

this is technological progress trained with read or learn attentively In addition to offering an accurate and rapid diagnosis, it has become a collaborative tool for doctors as they provide quality prognosis.

AI algorithms have become indispensable Within the medical field, due to the fact that they automate complex analyses, improve critical decision making and favor the work of a professional.

AI opens the door for analyzing the data, therefore, it helps in the tasks of detection and predict the course of a disease If you have enough data. The trend is for imaging to be increasingly objective for both diagnosis and treatment, using biomarkers that make it possible to very precisely define and quantify a disease.

Some of the companies offering diagnostics with AI are ERNI, a software development unit specialized in this area that can predict when a technical product will fail, but at 20bit we want to mention other options that Medicines help.

According to INE, tumors are one of the main causes of death in Spain.

display capillaries in a short time

The Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) has developed medical software that facilitates the diagnosis of certain autoimmune diseases. ecstasy Tool named ‘’ Available for use, saves time and optimizes the acquisition of quantitative and qualitative metrics via a microscope attached to a computer.

this is software Applies artificial intelligence (AI) to the display of capillariesFurthermore, facilitating the study and analysis of photographs through algorithms trained with it does not require more resources than those traditionally used read or learn attentively,

Currently, this tool Improves application and use of capillaroscopy Because it analyzes more surface in less time and analyzes objectively with precise parameters whether the capillary is dilated or not. Detects capillaries quickly, classifies them by their appearance, take multi-area measurements To classify each capillary according to their size, and generates a statistical report on the analyzed capillaries.

There are digital tools to fight cyberchondria.

fight cancer

Psychai Technologies (start up Barcelona) has created an AI-based assistant to help healthcare professionals Diagnostics, monitoring and monitoring About pre-cancerous abdominal lesions on CT scan and MRI.

The software in question is called ‘Psychai Medical’ and it assists radiologists Identification and classification of pancreatic cystic lesions From the interpretation of the images obtained in the CT scan of the abdomen. Similarly, it is able to predict the development of each lesion by combining the analysis of medical images with each patient’s clinical history.

The etiology of these pancreatic lesions is variable, taking into account that they can be malignant and lead to pancreatic cancer. Sycai Technologies aims to provide hardware for healthcare professionals’ equipment: Provide better diagnosis of abdominal injuries.

The first trial has been done with virtual patients with asthma problems, pneumonia etc.

arrhythmias can be studied

Diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias is an area in which artificial intelligence provides great credibility since this innovation This is reflected graphically in the electrocardiogram.,

There are dozens of automated systems capable of detecting changes in heart rhythm automatically and with great accuracy, moreover, they have been tested in many countries such as A diagnostic method under the supervision of a cardiologist,

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