Artificial Intelligence Reveals What ‘Dragon Ball Z’ Live-Action Would Look Like And Fans Will Love It

After the disappointing premiere of ‘Dragonball Evolution’ with Justin Chatwin as Goku, Z fans believed there might not be a live-action film worthy of being released on screen, however these images have brought hope back.

Live action adaptations of many anime have left a lot to be desired, an example of which has been death Note, cowboy bebopboth from netflix, infamous la dragonball evolution With Justin Chatwin, Emmy Rossum and Jamie Chung in the lead roles. For this reason, many fans continue to prefer animated versions of their favorite characters, as it was one piece movie red hey Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Both a box office success.

For those who gave up on the idea of ​​seeing Goku (Mario Castañeda), Vegeta (Rene Garcia) or Piccolo (Carlos Segundo) in a live action version, we have good news for you. Thanks to artificial intelligence, specifically the Midjourney lab, we can know what characters akira toriyama if they were real peopleAnd though the result may sound a little scary, many fans approve of the decision. Here are some pictures.

battle in the desert

midjourney/floatingpoint art

Of course, in battle, Gohan and Krillin couldn’t have disappeared, both with their combat suits at the ready. As expected the fight will have to be filmed in the desert.

Un Vardadar Saiyan

midjourney/floatingpoint art

In the end! This is the closest we have to Son Goku going Super Saiyan. No doubt fans expected to see it in Dragon Ball Evolution.

Ustad Roshi

midjourney/floatingpoint art

Master Roshi is constantly compared to The Squid Game actor Oh Yeong-su. We know now that they weren’t much wrong, although of course he would have had to be in pretty good shape.

cell got real scared

midjourney/floatingpoint art

We never imagined seeing the cell live and in color, but now we have an idea of ​​what this fearsome and powerful android will look like. His suit will definitely make you feel like you are in a Power Rangers episode.

war veteran

midjourney/floatingpoint art

Vegueta couldn’t give up the fight and has now put on an even fancier outfit, though we don’t know if it’s more comfortable. The one next to him could be Ultra Instinct Goku himself, what do you think?

cha-la head-cha-la la

midjourney/floatingpoint art

Of course, Goku couldn’t just disappear from his flying cloud, one of the best gifts Master Roshi could give him. It is imperative to think of the opening song with this image.

Dragon Balls

midjourney/floatingpoint art

Of course, the dragon spheres created by Zalama cannot be missing, which have the golden sheen that makes them so highly visible. If the cell looks so scary then we have no idea what Super Shen Long will be like.

a strange bulma

midjourney/floatingpoint art

Which version of Bulma do you own? The detail of the large size of his head could be a subtle reference to how intelligent he is and certainly cannot be left out of this new adventure.


Midjourney / Floatingpoint Art

The combination of white with purple will undoubtedly make us think of Frieza, although his face looks a bit creepy and even creepy. If it’s that, of course they won’t waste a second in starting an unexpected fight.

the power of goku

Midjourney / Floatingpoint Art

We see Goku in all his glory, he is clearly going through his Super Saiyan transformation and of course what he is doing is Kamehameha.

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