As a bunny, Sofia Castro shines on her 26th birthday with a leather bodysuit and fishnet stockings

This weekend was celebrated in Mexico and in different parts of the world Halloween, one of the most anticipated of the year as attendees can let their imagination fly and dress up as their favorite characters. The famous was not oblivious to this and showed his outfits on his social networks. was one of them Sofia CastroJoe didn’t think twice and decided to join the group of rabbits at the Playboy Mansion.

through your account instagram daughter of angelica Riviera, the former First Lady, presented herself with openwork stockings and a classic dress with a black bow and small ears. On the floor of a bar, a session was held from Miami in Florida, United States. With a serious gesture, she showed off her elaborate looks as if she were an internationally renowned model.

Sofia Castro looked like a bubbly playboy bunny (Photo: IG @sofia_96castro)

It should be noted that this Sunday, October 30, is the birthday of Sofia Castro, something that must have given her a double sense, as she could have thrown the house out the window and disguised in a sensual way. She limited herself to only having the number 26, which matches her age with a series of emoji; However, this was enough to raise the temperature of his followers, who barely saw the publication and did not hesitate to praise him as best he could.

“Kalmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa up with you beautiful Sophie TQM!!! Congrats!!!!”, “Heavy girls were right, Halloween is the only day for you to dress up whatever you want without judging”, many came up to her. Some of the messages were In the same way, thousands of likes poured on her, because she is the most loved actress on Mexican television.

Sofia Castro turns 26 (Photo: IG @sofia_96castro)

Sofia Castro denies pregnancy

being a recognized person Sofia Castro He is very active on social networks, so it is normal for him to submit all kinds of publications; However, his fans do not lose a single detail of his images; On one occasion he asked her if she was pregnant because she had a “belly”, which she refused as soon as possible.

“No, I’m not pregnant, but I think we should be very careful with comments or assumptions about others’ bodies, it’s a very sensitive issue. And now, please don’t talk, give opinions or talk about it.” Do not think in the body from others”, was the powerful message he sent to his followers.

Sofia Castro received many compliments (Photo: IG @sofia_96castro)

“Maybe your comment is not with ill intent, but I think it’s important that we stop voicing our opinion and criticizing someone else’s body. Not that it doesn’t offend me that you say that.” I’m pregnant, Zero, it’s a blessing, but it’s not cool to talk about others’ bodies,” said Famous.

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