As feared, Kate del Castillo and her sister will reveal the truth behind their father’s health

Veronica Del Castillo, Eric Del Castillo and Kate Del Castillo.

Actress Kate del Castillo, who is currently starring for the third time in the series”La Reina del Sur”, has left her fans speechless, who express through social networks their affection and admiration for the one they feel will do. The Mexican, who was in the eye of the storm after visiting her father, Erik del Castillo.

It was also said that the episode of delusion recorded in a video that would have become increasingly viral, that is why hundreds of people would guess that the health of the first actor was bad and also how many would suffer from it, this one Case of mental illness.

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and in spite of the fact that he himself made it clear that it was all a misunderstanding, because it would have been due to his vision that he did not recognize his daughter, and for nothing else, as was supposed, both of his Kate to daughter Veronica, they decide to do something about it; Therefore, in order to “shut the mouth”, he would have devised a plan to expose the true state of his father’s health, with which he would try to stop speculation in this regard, once and for all.

What Kate and sister Veronica will do to end rumors about their father

As revealed by Veronica herself, a participant in the MasterChef celebrity program, both she and her sister will make a video where their father will appear, and they plan to release it soon to admit the truth about his health. ; Where they will also reveal to all their fans what the true status of their first child will be, which they assure will be “a lot of fun with Kate.” “You’re going to have to watch that video. To silence everything I said about my dad. It’s so funny,” he confessed.

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