As Guardian of the Bay, Carmen Villalobos turns on Instagram with a tiny black bikini

After working so hard throughout the year, a vacation is well deserved. The actress agreed to this carmen villalobos, who didn’t think twice, packed his bags and took the first plane to Miami in Florida, United States. But she did not go alone, as she was the earring of many, as her friend, the actress, accompanied her. carito betancourt, “An unbreakable friendship despite the years and the distance?? I think you are beautiful,” the Colombian wrote from her Instagram account.

for a few days native barranquilla He shared some pictures to show how good he is. Her happiness led to a happy reflection where she asks her loyal followers to enjoy their days, “Never forget to smile, and let life keep surprising us,” she said with obvious joy. dress She decided to wear petrol blue jeans and a short blouse, which completely revealed the beauty of her back.

However, this time carmen villalobos why carito betancourt They hit the beach and, as expected, posed for the cameras in bikinis and bathing suits. The designs weren’t extravagant, but flirty enough to grab someone’s attention. Both protect their eyes against the sun with large glasses, while the protagonist of “Until Money Separates Us” netflix He wore a brown hat with him.

Carmen Villalobos went to the beach with her friend Carito Betancourt (Photo: IG @robertvfotografo)

Carmen Villalobos enjoys the beaches of Miami

carrito betancourt She made a few videos to announce that they were ready to get a little tan, something that made her friend very amused, as she said they already were. They also hug each other and declare their unconditional affection as friends. For her part, the actress showed her viewers that she is attentive to the “trifles” that life throws her way, as she found a small heart-shaped stone.

In the same way, the two published an image where they modeled from a lifeguard cabin; She flaunted her amazing figure sculpted by exercising and eating healthy. This sparked a wave of positive comments from her followers, who couldn’t stop throwing flowers at her and sending her all their love. Likes,

“By God, how divine”, “They are all guardians of the bay”, “Like if you like pictures and above all you are beautiful women”, “I send you kisses from Romania and enjoy your day” , “Super doll in action, simply divine”, “There are no words to express, it only remains to delight us with that beautiful picture”, these were some of the many messages that he sent to the famous were sent

Carmen Villalobos and Carito Betancourt looked like guardians of the bay (Photo: IG @robertvfotografo)

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