Ashanti alleges a producer once asked her to take a shower with him in exchange for working on his record

Singer Ashanti has spoken out about a music producer who allegedly sexually assaulted her. During an appearance on the “Breakfast Club” radio show, the 42-year-old claimed a producer asked her to shower with him in exchange for work done for his album.

“A producer, we did two records together, he was like, ‘Okay, I’m not going to charge you, you’re my homie,'” Ashanti said during the interview. “And then when it came time to put it on the album, it was like, ‘Okay, let’s take a shower together.’ And I thought he was joking. And then he said, ‘I’m very serious. Let’s go out and take a shower together and I’ll give you the record. Otherwise I need 40 racks. [$40,000] per record.'”

The singer, whose full name is Ashanti Shekoia Douglas, called it a “crazy situation”. She said that she and the producer had been working with each other for a few weeks when he proposed.

“It turned out he was serious and I had to make some phone calls and get stuff done,” she said without naming the producer.

She first made the allegation in 2018 during an interview with Maria Menounos on Sirius XM. Menues was talking about the Me Too movement and the treatment of women in the film industry, and asked Ashanti if it was any different in the music industry.

“Unfortunately, these things definitely happen,” she said. She said that a producer, who “had a crush on her”, asked her to shower with him, and when she declined, he charged her for a song he had performed with her. She said that her brothers intervened and eventually apologized to the producer, who worked on three records for her for free.

Ashanti’s mother, who was present during the “Breakfast Club” interview, said that hearing these stories made her want to protect her daughter.

Ashanti also spoke about her allegations against Irv Gotti, the founder of Murder Inc. Records, the first record company she signed to in 2002.

In a recent interview with Angie Martinez on the IRL podcast, Ashanti said that Gotti recently lied about being in a relationship with her. “Irv has lied about a lot of things,” she said. “It’s weird. It’s weird when you know you’re lying and you keep lying. That’s where it gets a little scary and a little psycho.” She also said that Gotti often insulted her when they worked together.

“Breakfast Club” host Charlemagne Tha God said he intentionally did not ask her about Gotti because he assumed she was tired of being asked about it. “I’ve heard other women say that they appreciate you telling that story because they go through similar things in their work environment,” she said.

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