Astronaut Diving Suit: The Spanish Invention Used by NASA for its Astronauts’ Lunar Suits

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first astronauts to lead humans to the Moon 50 years ago. One of the most important elements of the mission were the spacesuits, that is, pressurized diving suits that could contain thermal control devices, oxygen supplies, and other critical supports.

You might not know this, but the costumes that Armstrong and Aldrin wore were inspired by a Astronautical diving suit with the brand ‘Made in Spain’ invented by Emilio Herrera,

The Spaniard predicted man’s arrival on the Moon in 1932 and worked hard on his space suit to make it happen, but the mission didn’t happen until 1969 by NASA.

Said that the US space agency tried to gain knowledge of Herrera, but the Spaniards refused. wanted to conquer outer space on his own, Despite the failure of the first test of ascension, after humans reached the stratosphere, he continued to work on taking the measurements needed to study cosmic radiation.

Herrera’s diving suit is believed to be One of the greatest European contributions to the conquest of space, the reason? It was a protective garment against extreme temperatures, low pressure and lack of oxygen. Others, he had three dandruff in his suit So that astronauts can leave the ship to walk in space:

  1. Rubber one.
  2. Another wool.
  3. And a strong canvas.

The Spanish space agency will promote aeronautical research and innovation in the country, just as NASA has done for years in the US.

The cables had reinforcement in the joints area so that the astronaut could easily walkIn addition, it had a layer of polished aluminum and a silver cloth to cover the helmet and suit (thus, avoiding overheating).

Emilio Herrera could not try on his suit because of the Civil War.Seeing that his invention was destroyed.

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