Astronaut Fantasizing About Being Pedro Duque: “You Always Have to Dream of Everything”

La Moncloa welcomed two very special guests yesterday: Pablo Alvarezaeronautical engineer, and Sara Garcia, postdoctoral researcher and biotechnologist at the National Cancer Research Center, who are two new recruits from the European Space Agency. The first is a regular astronaut and the second will be in reserve.

they were together pedro sanchezthe president of the government, to whom he presented a Lego model of Apollo 11. they also met in person pedro duqueformer ESA astronaut and former minister for science and innovation diana morantcurrent minister, already miguel belloCommissioner for Aerospace Part.

According to the astronauts confirmed to the EFE agency, the trip was made with great excitement, joy, nerves, emotion, complicity and gave them goosebumps. Furthermore, he has recognized they had to keep a secret On learning that he has been selected.

It has been a “huge change” for Alvarez, but he wants to “start over and live this experience to the fullest”. Both know that they must undergo tough and demanding training in order to train as astronauts at ESA. The process will take place in Cologne (Germany) and last two years: one for basic training and the other for incrementalFrom which they will know the operation of the International Space Station.

After these two years of training, Spanish astronauts will undergo further training, but these are more focused on specific missions. Space exploration is at its most critical moment right now Which has been experienced till date, missions like Artemis are underway.

Spanish Sara Garcia-Alonso, appointed reserve astronaut by ESA.

Garcia will not have a job relationship with ESA, he will be on reserve, but he will have to undergo a medical examination every year if the agency requires it. spoke to a professional Marihas Maurer, another reserve astronaut who has completed his journey to the ISS: “I’m open, I’m optimistic, I think of it as a long-term process.”

The astronauts went through an 18-month selection process and the results were not known until two hours before the announcement. In addition to having professional, medical, physical and technical skills, Alvarez says he also You have to have “a little luck”.

“You always have to dream of everything,” he points out in his interview to EFE. And they did. He dreamed of becoming Pedro Duque And since they were young, they have been connected to space in some way, observing the sky without light pollution from their cities in León. “Space belongs to everyone and we cannot leave behind a large part of the population,” admits Alvarez, noting that, Of the 17 selected, 8 are women and one is a differently-abled.

The European Space Agency tested that the Euclid can withstand the conditions of space in Cannes.

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