At 49, Galilea Montijo Turns the Net in a Mini Dress That Leaves Little to the Imagination

What surprised the followers of the beautiful television host, Galilea Montijo When she shared several photos on her Instagram profile in which she modeled a short dress at the age of 49, it shows her the alluring figure that fits her perfectly.

The last was Sunday, November 13, when the host of the reality show “Who’s the mask?“She conquered social networks by looking prettier than ever with a cute outfit that will definitely set a fashion trend in the new autumn-winter season, or at least her loyal followers tell her.

On her Instagram account, the famous Guadalajara state-born woman shared several photos that show off her risky looks in more detail. Most of her followers agreed that she is one of the most beautiful television stars today.

Galilea Montijo in a mini dress

Before his more than ten million followers on Instagram, Galilea Montijo She melted social networks by creating a short blue dress that garnered a lot of attention for revealing her toned legs. It also has some risky openings in the hip region which are too small to be imagined.

Photo: Instagram/@galileamontijo

One of the images that add the most interaction is the one in which Galilea Montijo He posed on his back and revealed his great figure at the age of 49. “Who’s the mask?” All fans of They agreed that Businessman gives each broadcast a touch of beauty and elegance.

As expected, Galilea Montijo’s recent appearance on the social network went unnoticed as she received hundreds of “likes” and thousands of comments within minutes, highlighting how much she wears that type of clothing. Looks good what she wears. They fit perfectly.

“Beautiful”, “fantastic” and “beautiful” were some of the comments received by the television star on social networks.

Photo: Instagram/@galileamontijo

Galilea Montijo shines in this 2022

In addition to shining on the “hoy program”, Galilea Montijo Full of work in 2022 after being confirmed as part of the cast of the program “Netas Divinas” and as an investigator in the fourth season of “.”Who’s the mask?,

As if that wasn’t enough, the television star is also a celebrity on the social network, as she has over ten million followers on Instagram alone, which is responsible for making all the content she shares go viral.

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