Ataxia, the terrible condition that kept Pilar Montenegro off the stage

In the late eighties, a musical group became very popular among young people. it was about Garibaldiwhere singer and actress Pilar Montenegrin Began to stand out because of his beauty and great charisma.

After the group’s dissolution, in the early 2000s, a solo careerWith which he managed to strengthen himself after the “hit like”take that man away from me,

Pilar Montenegro’s terrible disease

At the peak of her solo career, Pilar announced her return from stage In 2014, when he said that he would devote himself to his family life. However, this was not true, as a disease was taking hold in his body.

it’s about ataxiaA rare condition that affects the area of ​​the brain that controls muscle coordination, causing clumsy and involuntary movements in patients.

first Symptoms They were visible to the press, when Pilar showed herself as if she had consumed alcohol on stage, which led to many criticisms and perhaps one of the reasons the singer abandoned her artistic career.

What is ataxia?

The reality is that Pilar was suffering from severe dizziness which has disabled him at various stages of his life to such an extent that at some point he had to use a wheelchair to avoid injury, difficulty walking You keep balance,

It is important to point out that there are many ways in which ataxia can occur in a patient, even due to infection with a virus, but in the case of Pilar it is a hereditary problem, as he father has the same disease,

Pilar Montenegro’s ataxia was caused by a mutation of a certain gene that produces an irregular protein that disrupts the function of neurons, primarily in the cerebellum and spinal cord.

Will Pilar return to the Montenegro stage?

Sadly, ataxia is a progressive diseaseSo Pilar must be very careful to avoid complications, which make it very difficult for him to return to the stage in a short period of time.

Despite her retirement, Pilar is very active on social networks, where her fans are happy that she reveals some aspects of her personal life and they can see that she is physically healthy.

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