Audio Technica makes headphones that disinfect themselves

Audio-Technica (Japanese audio company) has created new headphones in ear why true wireless what are they capable of self-sterilization Thanks to an ultraviolet ray system.

ATH-TWX9 model promises to eliminate bacteria and viruses from the surface when they are stored in the caseAlso, the process of sterilization is completed in one minute and ten seconds.

With regard to sound quality, the device has technologies such as Sistema 360 Reality Audio with and drivers Or a 5.8 millimeter transducer. Furthermore, the company promises users an immersive and stable sound stage with high quality.

If we talk about its technical characteristics, then the ATH-TWX9 has transparency mode and active noise cancellationthey have certification ipx4 (they can’t be submerged, but they can withstand splash), battery lasts six hours of playback And up to 18.5 hours on a charge offered by the case, which gives you resistance to splashes, but not to drowning.

device price around 300 euros (almost) and are already on sale.

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