Autonomous delivery robots arrive in Madrid to take your purchases home

Autonomous and electric robot, with four wheels, a large tank and capable of crossing traffic lights For the first time in Spain, home shopping delivery started this Tuesday in the Madrid city of Alcobendas.

The testing phase of this new work for Android, owned by the company Gogo Networks, also began in the aforementioned city last July, In association with Chen Diya and TelepizzaWhere the security of the service was verified.

Thus Dia became the first supermarket in Spain to track order delivery with an autonomous robotWhile Telepizza is still in the experimental phase with these new distribution systems, the two companies have communicated.

The new delivery system is activated when the customer communicates his order Direct applications or through the websites of both partners,

no extra cost for service, the customer receives information that a robot will be in charge of delivery. The robot’s ‘body’ is loaded into the bag with the requested purchase and once the coordinates are entered, the Android slams the customer to the same destination door to pick up their order.

This robot works with mapping technology and is capable of overcoming obstacles Like, for example, the pedestrians that you can find on the sidewalk of the street.

The first test will be conducted in the Salamanca district of Madrid.

It can reach up to 5 kilometers per hour And, although it is a . based on technology Autonomous, it has people who oversee its operation for certain obstacles such as pedestrian crossings.

Works with battery for between 5 to 12 hours depending on the period Robot And when these run out, the android returns to the logistics center where the battery is replaced with a recharge.

security is based They weigh between 60 and 100 kg, which prevents them from lifting easily. and avoid like this Robbery, as well as in its watertight interior compartment. In addition, they have a satellite geolocation system.

The robot started operating in a Houston neighborhood this week.

The application allows you to open the robot compartment where the purchase is located And the customer is in charge of removing the bags and uploading them to their home.

According to the Director of Operations electronic commerce of de Spain, Pedro Gallego, There are currently five androids of different sizes available in Alcobendas Ready for use in distribution, the logistics center has six people monitoring their routes.

The idea is to expand the number of robots and even introduce autonomous vehicles, although at the moment delivery is active around one of the Dia de Alcobendas centers.

Starshipt Technologies built its first autonomous robot in 2014

Investments in these robots are not disclosedHowever the people responsible for the project have been counted, as they say, with the financial and military support of the Alcobendas City Council.

“The investment in these services is enormous”, declared Eduardo Uriarte, vice president of technology at Gogo Networks, although he stressed that “the most investment is to be able to work with city councils and various regulators.” .

He has commented from the town hall of Alcobendas that he has not yet considered adapting Spaces for these androids “until it is verified that the project works”.

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