‘Avatar 2’: New creatures and characters in the James Cameron film

The oceans serve as a new and majestic setting for the long-awaited sequel to the science fiction story, which means that in ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’, we will see new and fascinating sea creatures.

there is little time left for exactly one week Cinemax and Cinepolis Cinemas get blue attack of James Cameron with the expected premiere of Avatar: Water PathAn engaging and immersive cinematographic experience (classified as “spectacular” by a large portion of international critics and lauded by other filmmakers such as Guillermo del Toro) that presents a fantastic fantasy universe Avatar of 2009.

In the new story Sam Worthington why zoe saldana They return to play Jake Sully and Neytiri, respectively, but now the parents seek to keep their family together. However, due to a series of adversities and conflicts, they are forced to leave their home to explore Pandora until they reach the vastness of the oceans dominated by Metakyina.

Although it is true that in this new journey of the director terminator we will meet their favorite characters -and some not so much, like the evil Miles Quaritch, played by Stephen Lang, and here’s where you can find out why he came back from the dead-, We will also discover new inhabitants of this universe.

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Kate Winslet as Ronan in ‘Avatar 2’.

New film co-written by Cameron, Rick Jaffa (jurassic world) and Amanda Silver (mulan, The metkayina is characterized by the clan, which is led by a shamanic matriarch, also known as a “tasahik”, named Ronal and played by Kate Winslet, The role marks a reunion between the director and the talented actress since 1997, when they worked together Titanic,

Ronal is married to Tonowari, played by a New Zealand actor of Maori descent. cliff curtis, with whom he has two children: teenager Tsireya (Bailey Bass) and prominent youth hunter Aunung (Philip Geljo). Young Māori actor Duane Evans Jr. plays teenager Metakaina Rotxo, who is Aonunga’s best friend.

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Tulkuns are sea creatures like whales.

Al Dr. Ian Garvin (jemaine clement,a marine biologist working for the Resource Development Administration (RDA), lands on pandoraAt the same time as Mick Scoresby (Brendan Cowell) is introduced, the greedy captain in command of the giant ship Sea Dragon.

Additionally, Cameron’s knowledge of and passion for oceanography influenced many of the designs for the new fauna. Some of those underwater inhabitants are whale-sized animals called “tulkuns”. His presence leads one to ask whether the director ghosts of the abyss They actually used live whales to capture Tulkun’s physical movements in digital form.

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Illu from ‘Avatar 2’ is another fascinating and dynamic creature.

“We considered shooting in the actual ocean with motion capture. We looked at it, but everyone’s production instinct was, ‘You know, we’re going to regret it.'”, Instead, according to producer Jon Landau, Cameron mimicked the experience of whale watching by “having one of the film’s crew move around a crude model of a tulkun in the water”.

another aquatic creature Avatar 2 is Ilu, inspired by a plesiosaur, came alive using practical models. Cameron’s team placed these models in water, capable of traveling at 12 to 15 kilometers per hour, and had his actors ride them while filming key scenes for the film.

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