Avatar | “The personality of the Terminator was greater than any character in this film”: the BBC’s sarcastic criticism of the long-awaited sequel to the saga

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it’s been 13 years Avatar James Cameron broke the box office record he himself set Titanic, the highest-grossing film in history at the time. But now, after more than a decade of waiting, Cameron has returned to the jungle moon of Pandora.,

The mind of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) has been permanently implanted in the blue body of an alien Na’vi. He is now the head of the clan and has four children with his wife, Neytiri (Zoe Saldana).

They spend their time lounging around in their underwear, thinking how happy they are.

Inevitably, their Edenic calmness and somewhat adventurous spirit comes to an end when spaceships from planet Earth come thundering through the skies.

Invaders destroy miles of forest in an apocalyptic fire, just like the first Invaders terminator 2, Then, they stomp what they find with massive robotic exoskeletons, such that they aliens,

It soon becomes clear that “Avatar: The Waterways” is a medley of James Cameron’s greatest hits: As its title suggests, some sequences come straight from Chasm one of Titanic,

image Source, 20th Century Studios

In Avatar We weren’t told much about Jake, but it was made clear that he was an overpowered soldier, so running away instead of fighting Quaritch seemed pathetically cowardly and out of character.

But more importantly, it robs the narrative of the urgency that the severity of consequences gave it when leading your troops against the bad guys.

Cameron asks viewers to forget about the genocidal conquistadors burning down the forests of Pandora while we enjoy the Sully family’s beach vacation.

Scene after scene, Jake, Neytiri and their children walk on the sand and swim in the bright sea. Little Sully flirts and fights with the mermaid children through rudimentary dialogue, composed mostly of “bro” (a contraction for brother) and “cuz” (a contraction for cousin).

One of Jake’s sons joins a lone whale. And they all share “new age” hippie clichés while lecturing grimly on Pandora’s history and geography.

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It’s like “Return of the Jedi” where Luke, Han and Leia roam the Ewok village for hours.

They give you Philip K. Dick’s thrillers promise an allegory of the Vietnam War with a hint of science fiction. What they offer you is a tender and cheeky tale of a boy and a whale swimming through the water together.

Of course it’s cute and scenic, and you can clearly see all of James Cameron’s techno obsession.

There are state-of-the-art computer graphics, digital 3D, hyper-real clarity, and so on, but these tools take you out of the action rather than into it: as impressive as the graphics are, the action never feels real because it’s halfway through. In. Somewhere between a cartoon and a real life movie.

And it’s not like “The Way of Water” looks much better than Avatar, a movie that was seriously shocking in 2009. And when it comes to designs, they’re never quite as magical as the Roger Dean-inspired landscapes we saw when we first landed on Pandora.

image Source, 20th Century Studios

One of the problems is migration from the forests to the sea. Earth’s oceans are already so full of incredible creatures that what Cameron and his team came up with isn’t all that surprising. It’s fun, like watching a group of four-eyed tattooed whales do an aquatic ballet in “The Little Mermaid”; But nothing is as amazing as seeing pictures of real whales.

Those sumptuous interludes also contribute to the soporific pace of the film. “El Camino del Agua” lasts approximately 192 minutes, which is half an hour longer than Avatar Original, but, after the opening scenes where the humans land on Pandora, the plot has barely progressed.

For three hours, the plot is just about Sully’s family going on vacation, Kurich looking for them, and them all facing off in a climactic, but short battle at sea. And all. There are no complex military strategies, or deep dialogue, or nuanced characters: terminator He had more personality than anyone in “El Camino del Agua”.

And any sort of plots that aren’t whale related are left unfinished. One of Jake’s daughters, for example, for some reason turns out to be the biological daughter of Grace (Sigourney Weaver), who died in the last installment. But who is his biological father? And how can she telepathically communicate with the wildlife of Pandora?

You wouldn’t know it in this movie because “The Way of Water” is now officially part of a “Lord of the Rings”-type franchise that doesn’t care to stand on its own.

image Source, reuters

Yes, we had to wait 13 years for its sequel AvatarBut apparently three more are due for release in 2024, 2026 and 2028.

It’s not a bright future if “El Camino del Agua” is the example to follow, but let’s hope Cameron uses those sequences to at least make one important point: humans in the 22nd century. How to visit Alpha Centauri? With robots and clones but haven’t been able to develop glass strong enough to withstand the impact of wooden arrows?

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