Bad Bunny Aztecs Stadium Is Empty Because They’ll Have Clone Tickets

Mexico City ,

One of the most anticipated concerts of the year that was about to come to an end was Bad Bunny in Azteca Stadium, What has been reported on social networks is not what was expected.

It so happened that a few hours after the start of the Puerto Rican reggaeton show, There were many empty spaces inside the Colossus of Santa Ursula.,

On the contrary, there were thousands of followers of the musician around the building, who They could not enter because the curtains at the entrances were pulled down,

This was when the version started airing Tickets were clonedThat is why those who wanted to enter the place were allowed to attend.

look part of the chaos

Who’s the bad bunny?

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, better known as Bad Bunny, is a Puerto Rican reggaeton singer, who has established himself as one of the greatest exponents of the genre,

bad rabbit

Some of the representations in the Colossus of Santa Ursula

As part of his World’s Hottest Tour, one of the most anticipated concerts by fans of the musician.

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