Bam Margera, ‘Jackass’ actor, hooked up to a ventilator for Covid

Just when we thought the worst of COVID-19 was over, Bam Margera became its latest victim as he remains hospitalized and connected to a ventilator due to complications of the disease.

Jackass Forever, available on the Star Plus platform, one of its stars, Bam Margera, was not meant to violate the code of conduct put in place by producers and Johnny Knoxville, which mandated the use of all kinds of substances during filming to keep everyone safe. prevented the use of The same year that film premiered, it was reported that Megan Fox’s boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, was also Bam is torn between life and death.

At least that’s what the TMZ portal told, because it sure Bam is connected to a ventilator as a result of a “severe case of pneumonia” acquired from Covid, The actor and skater entered the intensive care unit at a hospital in San Diego, California, on doctor’s orders because his lungs were about to collapse. Bam was also a part of the film Jackass.

Despite the fact that Steve-O’s friend and director Jeff Tremaine remains on a respirator, The same site says that his condition will be stable despite the severity of his illness., Margera has tried rehab on several occasions, completing a year-long program but with constant relapses into drugs and alcohol, which has led to her dropping out of the film that you can watch on Star Plus.

Due to drug addiction and frequent relapses of alcohol, His family must have tried to give him the kind of tuition he was subjected to Britney Spears For many years, a condition that caused him to return to the crazy life and make frequent trips to Atlanta, Las Vegas and Los Angeles to meet his friend Kat Von D or musician Steve Aoki, whose charmed life you can Find out in the documentary I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.


He is the founder of ‘Jackass’

It is unknown if anyone from Jackass 3D still has any friendship with him, especially after he tried to boycott the hit return of Jackass Forever, which you can watch time and again if you join Star Plus , with a lawsuit that was later withdrawn. Knoxville has said it has no complaints but won’t hire him. To take care of their physical and mental health for future production.

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