Bang Chan of Stray Kids is sad after receiving comments against his physique

Despite the good times of the industry k popIt is important to know that not everything has its right side. This music industry has been very strict with the image body idols, forcing them to go to great lengths to fulfill their standards of beauty.

recently, bang chan of stray kids Was forced to address weight issues on the live broadcast of his series Chan’s roomIn which he received a lewd comment which angered his fans.

,Chan, don’t be fatA fan commented on the broadcast.

As expected, Murthy, while responding to the comment, approached the subject with calm humility, so that there was no misunderstanding, as in K-pop. Weight And body image has been a cause for concern.

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,I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being fat.“, he explained.

,It’s just me, I want to gain weight, especially when I want to build muscle. Because I have such a fast metabolic system, I have to eat a lot,

,I haven’t been working out for almost a week, but maybe because of this I am looking a little thin these days. If I don’t exercise, my appetite increases and eventually I don’t eat properly, which is fine.,

,So having such a fast metabolic system, I feel like it burns a lot of fat that I have. So, it makes me look very skinny,

at the end of the concert leader From Stray Kids, fans shared their anger at the comment, as it was crossing the border for many, especially because of Problem Bang Chan’s with food and her weight in the past.

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