Barbara de Regil paralyzes the network in tight swimsuit

barbara de regil is a actress and businesswoman who periodically uploads his training routine to Instagram so that his millions of followers feel inspired to exercise and stay active.

Since she created her Instagram account till date, she has managed to gather 8.5 million followers who support her in any of her publications, be it advertisements, her look of the day, her workouts or her family photos. Together, as she often shows her husband, Fernando Schönwald. He always gets thousands and thousands of ‘likes’ from his fans which shows that they like the content.

In her Stories on the Camera app, she showed a video with various cutouts of her getting out of the water printed bikini Zebra’s, whose upper part looks more like a T-shirt, different from the usual, because the trend these days is the microbikini. To give context to the recording, he wrote “CABO”, implying that the post was related to the last soap opera he was a part of, which bears the same name.

However, a few clicks back on Barbara’s Stories, she posted a photo of herself, hugging a tree, and Bikini, This time each part had its own colour, white below and black above, and added the legend ‘You are responsible for your feelings’. This idea is promoted by her, as she voices ‘self-love’.

Barbara de Regil posing in a bikini. Source: Instagram @barbaraderegil

Some time ago, the TelevisaUnivision telenovela premiered on October 24, 2022 “cabo” And this is the last television project in which he has been part of the cast barbara de regilIn fact, in their profile, in the highlighted stories area, there is a folder with moments in its recording, along with their scene partners.

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