Barbara de Regil paralyzes the network with the perfect animal print bikini for the beach

Mexican actress Claudia Barbara de Regil Alfarosimply known as Reslie’s BarbaraKnown for her leading role in the telenovela “rosary scissorsIn addition, she is a well-known fitness influencer, dedicated to sharing exercise routines and healthy recipes on her social networks.

In fact, she stands out for having one of the most athletic bodies among celebrities, as she has a well defined figure which she usually flaunts with outfits that leave little to the imagination. And recently lit up the network with a bikini that she showed off in Los Cabos, Baja, Southern California.

Show off a pagan body with an animal print bikini

This Sunday, through your account instagram, the actress flaunted her taut skin with a tiny animal print bikini and garnered a variety of comments praising her figure. “Beautiful”, “That’s right. Barbara. Never let yourself be defeated” and “Beautiful”, were some of the reactions from Internet users.

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The 35-year-old actress said, “Sometimes… just sometimes, when I can’t take it anymore and I feel like giving up. I think of all the people who see me fail Would like. And I get up.” Wrote in his posts, which he always shares positive and inspiring messages with his more than 8 million followers.

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Similarly, the Influencer wrote a text for her fans with comforting words, mentioning that if they feel sad, angry or bad sometimes, it’s okay, because you can’t be happy all the time . “It’s okay not to be okay always. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be fine all the time,” he advised in his Instagram post, which has already garnered over 32,000 likes.

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