Barnard College will introduce abortion pills on campus next year

Barnard College says it will begin offering abortion pills on campus next year, citing “negative consequences for the future of women” of the Supreme Court overturning of Roe v. Wade.

High Court’s June verdict “Potentially, college access will drop, graduation rates will drop, and employment avenues will be derailed,” officials from the private women’s college in New York City said in an email sent to campus Thursday.

While abortion rights in New York remain unchanged, Barnard is “preparing in the event that access is hindered in the future for any reason,” he said. He said the college plans to ensure that its campus providers are prepared and trained to offer drug abortions by 2023.

Barnard’s decision is the latest defense in the fight over abortion Supreme Court abolishes the right to process After being valid throughout the country for 50 years. financial Research found that women who are denied abortions are more likely to suffer from financial problems and rely on government aid programs such as food stamps and welfare.

Massachusetts MP in July Approved a bill that requires public colleges and universities The state plans to prepare by November 2023 to ensure that students have access to abortion pills. A similar law enacted by California in 2019 The same is slated for the state’s public colleges and universities by January,

These moves coincide with moves by colleges in states that ban or prohibit abortions to reduce reproductive health services on campuses.

The University of Idaho told staff last month that they could not advise students about abortion or refer them elsewhere, as the state banned nearly all abortions until August.

Drug abortion usually involves taking two medications, mifepristone to block the hormones needed for the development of the pregnancy and misoprostol to start contractions and thin out the tissue. The Food and Drug Administration, which approved the use of mifepristone to terminate early pregnancy in 2016, mandates that Must be given by certified providers, but tablets can be taken at home or other places.

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