Beach mode: Galilea Montijo raises the temperature at age 49 with swimsuit

Galilea Montijo is still one of the sexiest women in Mexico. The 49-year-old driver has always been in shape and thus has a privileged physique. Obviously, the summer that happened was the best for Montijo in many years, because he never ceases to upload to his network the vacations he spent on the beach.

Instagram is the television host’s quintessential social network as she tries to upload pictures and videos to tell her day to day. Galilea already has nearly 10 million followers and over 6,000 posts to ensure fans are informed about her every move. Actually, he has uploaded such a photo in which more than one breath is going on.

Galilei Montijo. Source: Instagram @galileamontijo

If you log into their social network, you will be able to see Galilea Montijo In a very sexy animal print one-piece swimsuit. The driver is kneeling in the sand with a glass of champagne and an ear-to-ear smile. In the post, she wrote: “#tbt may life always return us to the places we were happy #mardecortes” in reference to her holidays.

this image that i included instagramIt has already got 10 thousand likes and hundreds of comments in less than an hour. This speaks a lot about the Mexican beauty, it is seen that she loves the environment very much and thinking about turning 49, she falls in love with all the followers who see her on televisa. Huh.

Galilei Montijo. Source: Instagram @galileamontijo

we all know that Galilea Montijo It’s controversial enough and generates love and hate, but when you look at your social networks, you see that the public has a love for it. Her charisma and beauty remain in everyone’s eye and hence we hope the great host continues to delight us with more pictures.

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