‘Beauty and the Beast’ actress Angela Lansbury dies at 96

The actress, who lent her voice to beloved characters in the animated film ‘Beauty and the Beast’, died in the United States today at the age of 96.

great actress Angela Lansbury, Potts in Beauty and the Beast and appeared in films such as Mary Poppins Returns and the first edition of Death on the Nile, He died today at the age of 96 at his home in Los Angeles, California.While he was sleeping, according to a statement from his relatives.

No further details of his death were given, however, he suffered in the 1990s. Arthritis problems and had hip replacement surgery; In 2005, she suffered a final procedure but to her one knee, a condition that did not prevent her from being one of the longest-lived and most active actresses in the entertainment industry.

His last recorded appearance was, in fact, under the command of ryan johnson for new installment Knives Out with Daniel Craig and Edward Norton, whose film will be released in United States theaters on November 23 and a month later, as a posthumous tribute Netflix, In fact, it just premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, where former 007 agents who retired from No Time to Die were also present.

If you still feel wrong with the name Lansbury, you will remember, if they have seen beauty and the Beast The Sweet Voice of Mrs. Potts, Animated in the Original Language, Teapot, because she came alive thanks to the London actress. He debuted with tapes in 1944 gas light Earning his first Oscar nomination, Portrait of Dorian Gray, his second application. Neither won, although, according to critics, the Golden Globes recognized her for her majestic and elegant work.

He looked like this in ‘The Picture of Dorian Grey’

The best thing about his career was, without a doubt, the American television series murder She Wrotewhere she brought to life Jessica Fletcher, a widow and mysterious writer living in the cursed land of Maine (by Stephen King) in 12 seasons, 264 episodes and four films. He . were part of some episodes of Law and ordermore movies el grinch, Granny McPhee, anastasia You fantasy 2000, Many Disney movies, as you can see.

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