“Because of you I have cancer”: Ingrid Coronado tells how Fernando del Solar asked her for a divorce 3 times

beach love story ingrid Coronado why fernando del solar This was quite strange, because although many people thought it started out “crooked”, there is a real story behind it that few people know. She was never in a relationship to begin with, before going out with him as a couple, she revealed in an interview for the channel Yordi rosado,

For many, the image of Driver is negative because of how things happened, especially when the couple split shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. It was said at the time that she had left him for which she was labeled as unappreciated, but apparently things were not as many media outlets wrote on their front pages.

“I had a really beautiful marriage. That’s the reality. We had some situations like any couple, but we had a lot of love and what we believed at the time was that it was an experience that made us a as will unite more.” Couple and strengthen us as beings. Man,” he said Yordi rosado,

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the beginning of the end in a relationship

ingrid coronado mentioned it fernando del solar He told her that he would no longer continue his chemotherapy treatment because it was making him feel worse. She experienced this procedure very badly because, as she assured, she suffered every time they inserted needles during the sessions. This was complicated because he was running out of energy, so he asked his relatives to move in with him, a compromise they accepted.

The deteriorating health of the actor did the same with their relationship. After suffering a respiratory arrest, he returned, he revealed, very different. Although he assured that he wanted it, he radically changed all along. The moment of their separation came amid many things that he did not want to reveal, but he said that his relationship with his mother-in-law was difficult and he chose to distance himself from family gatherings. “When he came back, he did it the ‘Panther’ way,” she said, and then asked him to clarify what he wanted in life with her.

after a few days fernando del solar He returned on her birthday to tell her something she never expected: “I want a divorce. Because of you, I have cancer and I’ve already told the kids that I’m not going to be with them anymore and I’m leaving.” been,” he said ingrid Coronado, who explained that he did not know how he came out of that episode, as his heart had been made “pinole”. But those words were not only heard on that occasion, as she sought separation and blamed him on two other occasions.

Fernando del Solar temporarily skips his chemotherapy (Photo: TW @AllAccessMex)

“He came back very badly, as if he had lost his mind. He was lost. And I saw him and went with him, I took care of him. Then he was better than before and suddenly he was – Went to see dad and when he returned, I lost him again,” said the singer. The change prompted him to go to Cuernavaca, Morelos to think about it, but one day he called on the phone to tell her that he was in the hospital and that he was sick because of her.

But the worst was about to begin for her, as he later sent her a picture of a cover in which she said he had left her because of her cancer, a statement she made herself and later became convinced of. “A story that didn’t exist started being told,” he said.

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