Becky G highlights her silhouette in a flirty latex suit

Becky G’s name has been trending ever since she announced her new engagement to her boyfriend of six years, soccer player Sebastien Lelett, moving netizens to how much she has grown as a woman. artist And as a person, so we will travel back in time to his career.

In the year 2017, the singer Controversy created for the theme songGreater“For two reasons, firstly for its very specific lyrics that it referenced and for its ingenious mix of cumbia with reggaeton, it revolutionized the urban genre in a certain way.

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So today we will share its best presentation Becky G explain “Greater“It happened at the Latin American Music Awards ceremony in 2017, the Californian took to the stage in a tight and very flirtatious red latex suit, perfectly favoring her incredible silhouette.

Starting from the awning of a car, with only a shadow of her silhouette, a striking red suit with black harness, combined with high boots, her short dark hair in clear curls, was quite the spectacle.

reggaeton bad bunny He made an appearance adding even more rhythm, to this day it remains one of the performances that fans remember the most.

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