Beer seller and “singer” at Rammstein concert goes viral

  • Since last May, more than 70 million tickets to concerts, festivals and other events have been sold, reports Live Nation.

  • In Mexico, between March and June 2020, the music industry recorded losses of up to 500 million pesos.

  • In 2021, a year of recovery, the music industry generated revenue of $814.64 million.

The German rock band, Rammstein, ended their tour in Mexico City (CMDX), but a beer vendor “stole” the show by demonstrating his fanaticism to the group.

Mexico is one of the countries that has apparently received the return of concerts in the best way possible. at least that’s the information Live Nation, which indicates that more than 70 million tickets were sold during the second quarter of the year For concerts and other live events.

And that, only in Mexico, according to a report by the Inter-American Entertainment Corporation (CIE), there was a loss of 9 thousand 211 million pesos.

On the other hand, in 2020, as per what was announced officially, The music industry in Mexico only reported losses of up to 500 million pesos in the period between March and June.When the pandemic started becoming relevant news in all national media.

From this point of view, we are talking about one of the industries most affected by the health emergency, which is why the reaction of fans a few months before the end of 2022 was extremely striking, exhausting, with several months of anticipation. Concerts and festival tickets have been, as was the case with Corona Capital Festival, returning with a three-day edition for this 2022 and, to date, it is said to be sold out.

2022 started with some big concerts, Coldplay being the band that, somehow, reactivated the concert season in Mexico City as we knew it before the health emergency: with full houses and fans. One group tried their best to participate.

Beer seller displays his fanaticism for Ramstein in full concert and goes viral

Since 2019, it was known that one of the bands touring Mexico was the German heavy rock group (also known as heavy metal) Rammstein, who postponed their tour for two years as a result of the arrival of Covid-19. Had done it. Temporary suspension concerts around the world.

Finally, a few days before and three dates sold out, the German band returned to Mexico and promptly removed a large amount of viral material asking Dr. Simi not to throw stuffed animals onto the stage, which showed a video. Beer seller enjoying the show is going viral on social media.


“God’s favorite” man enjoys Rammstein concert while selling beer. Read the full note in our description link. #PublimetroMX

, Original Soundtrack – Publicetro Mexico?

In Mexico, beer consumption is one of the most important and generates the most income. According to the information received from the study of National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics (INEGI), where Sales value of alcoholic beverages produced in MexicoRecording the figure of 185 thousand 375 million Mexican pesos, the beer was held as the undisputed favorite.

On the other hand, study World Beer Index 2021 published by Costly Ranks Mexico 39th in the ranking of the most beer consuming countries in the world, as a result of what Mexicans consume a year on average 330 ml. 233.64 bottles of,

In this sense, the concert is a scenario in which the sale of the said product is most frequent among fans and at the same time, as we have seen before, has the time to go viral, as happened at the Caligaris concert.

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