Belakath blasts out against critics of reggaeton

Mexico City ,

Catherine Huerta, Better known as Bellakath, is a reggaeton singer who in recent weeks has gained a huge following on social networks thanks to cookedsong that mainly went viral TIC Toc.

Artist, who participated in the TV Azteca reality show a few years ago Fall in loveis now seen as a benchmark for reggaeton in Mexico, which is why she came out in its defense through several Message on Twitter against detractors of the genre.

In a short message social network, Belakath blasted those who say that this music has no contribution.

“They moan so much that reggaeton songs don’t inspire them at all, baby, reggaeton is for Perrier. If you want to learn, grab a book and put Mozart on in the background while you read. Hope it meets your needs and you have the approval to feel ‘cult'”, wrote Famous.

In another post, the singer said: “They think they’re high class ’cause they don’t like reggaeton, But ask them to open their wallet and just bring their ticket”.

“Before I am an artist, I am a person, and if I portray myself for anything, it is to defend my ideals and defend myself. You have to face threats and show them Must be that only they are vulnerable,” he added in another tweet.

Who is Belakath?

The reggaeton singer is currently 25 years old and was born in Mexico City, where she has made a major part of her career. From a very young age, he was interested in dabbling in show business and around the age of 20 he joined Enamorándonos, a reality show in which participants sought love by dating strangers.

At the end of her participation in the reality show, the singer began working on her musical side, which she shared on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. But the ‘fever’ of TikTok made Belakath quite popular cooked,




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