Belinda: 3 bubbly bikinis with which she was crowned the most beautiful

Belinda is one of the most important artists in Latin America and, despite being born in Spain, she is known in our country for several participations in youth series and then starting her career as a singer. The separation with Christian Nodal clearly suited the interpreter of ‘utopia’, bearing in mind that she never misses an opportunity to showcase her incredible beauty. through you instagramThree different types of bikini modeling raised the temperature which caused an uproar.

In recent times, it has begun to assume importance that Belinda He had a double who was all the rage on TikTok and who was present at a Christian nodal concert. The Spanish singer was able to meet in person Isabella Chavez, a trans model who went viral due to her incredible resemblance. She is a 23-year-old girl who lives in Tijuana and is in charge of imitating the 33-year-old actress in various bars. The two were able to meet and in a noble gesture from Christian Nodal’s ex, he gave her one of his dresses used for the video clip of ‘School Girl’.

Isabella Chavez, Belinda’s double. Source Instagram @

Belinda He was present on the 2000 Pop Tour and delighted his fans at the Monterey Arena with a spectacular appearance from ‘Low Sorry’, which he had released 20 years earlier. The Spanish singer gave a brief overview of her music career, which included all her hits. Later, he was reunited with Pati Canto, with whom he was established warmly.

Belinda in a green swimsuit from the middle. Source Instagram @belindapop

Beyond his successful career, Belinda She owns an incredible body and boasts about it on her Instagram account, where she has over 15 million followers. The princess of pop fell in love with her fans by modeling three different bikini types, from transparent designs to the most elegant.

Belinda showing off her body in a bikini. Source Instagram @belindapop

it is possible to see Belinda By the beach wearing a tight, fitted green swimsuit or posing in a bikini from a yacht in Italy. With this, it is confirmed that the singer and actress is one of the most beautiful women of all and one of the most wanted, considering that she loves being single.

Belinda is showing off her curves in this swimsuit. Source Instagram @belindapop

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