Belinda cries, Angela Aguilar took a fortune out of her hands

Angela Aguilar and Belinda

The youngest of the Aguilar dynasty, Angela, is one of the most successful representatives of music, recently she performed a duet with Yuridia that became a total boom. Apart from her sweet voice and face, her talent has earned her the crown of Dum Princess.

But one of the successes that has been dedicated to him is the song “In Reality”, composed by Ana Barbara. which became a resounding success in the voice of the younger Aguilar. But the song was originally intended for Belinda: “The theme was initially considered for Belinda, but for some reason I couldn’t pitch it to her, so Angela was given the opportunity, well, it was a good choice” Ana Barbara said.

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And it’s that the song seems to fit Aguilar’s tiniest bit as an embroiderer; Since in his voice it became a real breakthrough. It was an opportunity that Belinda lost despite the fact that Ana Barbara had spoken to her more than once and offered her the subject.

Pepe Aguilar is one of the most successful producers in the music industry

And the real reason Belinda missed this opportunity would be that she had the air of a diva, and was begging herself; Although Queen Grupera assured that the real reason why Bailey did not accept the collaboration is that they could never agree to interpret the song which became a huge success for the youngest of Aguilar.

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