Belinda: like a mannequin, without hair and with an attractive body, she announced her next collaboration

Belinda continued to add success to his career in music and this time he left his followers breathless by sharing risky See for your new cooperation with Spanish singer Abraham Mateobecause for the music video she decided to show herself without her long hair and a risky bodysuit With which he left very little to the imagination.

few days back Interpreter of “light without gravity” He gave a preview of what his new single would be, however it immediately became a trend due to the look with which he was seen as he looked like he possessed skinheadApart from an extravagant outfit full of colors and shapes with which she showed off her impressive figure.

Belinda with a futuristic look. Photo: IG @jackbedirian

While Belinda limited herself to sharing photos and tagging Abraham Matteo, she showed off with a revealing message that something was big between them: “I’d love to tell the world what we did in Madrid this summer.” did …”. The image sparked a wave of comments with fans also highlighting the beauty of the actress and assuring that she looks prettier than ever without hair.

Finally, this Thursday, October 20th, the secret is revealed and Belinda launches her new Simple “I would love to” In collaboration with Abraham Mateo, in the video clip you can see details in the singer’s outfit and makeup with which she added a futuristic touch, to which some fans claimed she looked like a mannequin, robot or doll.

Belinda sparks controversy

Amidst the scandal for her looks, the singer gave her something to talk about at her presentation for “October parties”. Guadalajara since it was announced “Queen of the Ghats” With a purported prayer. Although there was no shortage of criticism, some assured that this was their response. East, Christian NodalAfter that he did nothing in the face of the humiliation thrown at him.

“Enc* the patron saint of Lados, Queen of the Moorings and of the enchanted toad. I ask you to do a miracle for me so that they too will turn on me and on me he has a name tattooAmen.”, was heard in the middle of Belinda’s concert and the lyrics appeared on a screen at the top of the place.

from the announcement of the end to their commitment Last February, the singer announced that she would remain Spain To continue her career as an actress and complete some projects in music with the talents of that country. A news that was not well received by Mexican fans, who did not hesitate to express their full support.

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