BELINDA MOCKS Christian Nodal and his ex-boyfriend who got tattoos in concert live. Video

In one of his most recent productions Belinda He took this opportunity to hint at the love that has passed through his life; It was during a presentation in Tijuana that the green-eyed ridicule of Christian Nodal and his others Ex-boyfriend, And that’s it, one of his fans asked him to get a tattoo done during his live music festivalThis is why Bailey reminds her ex that they he got a tattoomoment a. was recorded in Video,

So far, Video of Belinda A fan getting a tattoo has already gone viral, because what caught the attention wasn’t it, but it was the singer ridicule of Christian Nodal and his others Ex-boyfriend that he got a tattoo Something else about the singer, however, is that Nodal isn’t the only one tattooing Bailey, having previously worn green eyes on their skin by Criss Angel and Lupillo Rivera.

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