Belinda tells all about her love affair with the millionaire heir of the Palacio de Hierro

belinda Disputes on love issues continue, and even after breaking up with him Christian Nodal, It’s been a few weeks that he’s been rumored to start a romance with Gonzalo Hevia Bailares, who is heir to the empire iron castle In Mexico

Despite the fact that the speculations grew and the singer and actress had chosen to remain silent, this time she decided to face the questions and clarified during the interview with the Ventanendo program:

“Yeah, but I have many friends, in fact there is also Rasex who combs my hair, my friend, who is here, just take this so they don’t think he is my boyfriend.”

Thus, the blonde made it clear that her relationship with the important Mexican heiress was only friendly.

“Always, whoever hugs me who has friends, it’s like that, but hey, at this point I keep my private life far away from my public life and I like to keep it that way and I think That this is the best, healthiest and mental and emotional health is basic and I am very well at the moment”.

Referring to mental health, Bailey admitted that she needed professional help to recover from the death of her maternal grandmother, Juana Moreno, which the singer made famous through videos she shared on social networks with her.

“Of course, no one is 100 percent well, we all go through moments, phases, but with the help of loved ones, even with phases, you can always move forward, the important thing is that you know you have a problem. , or that you feel bad or that something is happening in you to ask for help, and of course yes, it’s happened to all of us. Sure, anxiety, of course,” he said.

his brother is away from the family

In the end, Belinda took advantage of the moment to send a strong message. nacho peregrine skullassured that ever since he began his romance with the actress minnie west, He has been estranged from his family, so he hopes things will change this December.

Nacho, Belinda’s brother

“My brother has a girlfriend now, he’s forgotten a little about family, but hey, let’s hope the girlfriend will give us a while, even if it’s just to hug her, I hope she gets some Days will take with all the family, at the end of today it’s only the four of us here in Mexico, my whole family is in other countries and it’s a blessing to have the four of us together,” he declared.

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Belinda goes on vacation to Playa del Carmen with her friends while Nodal visits Cazu

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