Belinda wears a heartwarming minidress in black and goes with her most fashionable fall footwear

Belinda She is one of the most beloved singers in the middle of the show and has shown that scandals in her personal life haven’t affected her career success, so in addition to sweeping the stage, she has also become a benchmark of fashion and style Huh. , for the looks with which he boasts sculpture figure, as happened with black mini dress Which got him a flurry of praises.

The interpreter of “Luz Singaravida” stepped away from the spotlight for a few months after his breakup with the Mexican regional star. Christian Nodalhowever, came back with more force to announce that he would remain in Spain To resume her career as an actress and complete new projects in music. With this, he focused on his work and left behind his scandalous and intense romance with the Mexican singer.

Belinda black mini dress. Photo: IG @belindapop

Though the controversy continues to haunt her, the singer shows herself to be happier than ever and pampers her fans at each concert with her two. vocal talent As is the case with outfits that perfectly accentuate her statuesque figure. A taste for fashion that has taken directly to the social network, inspiring thousands of its followers who do not hesitate to fill it Flattery with which they expose themselves natural beauty.

This time too the actress wore short dress Waist till black in color with gathered detailing on the sides of the toe, a perfect design to adjust the garment to your already curvy shape, Moreover, it has long sleeves and a closed neckline for the neck which gives it a touch of elegance which characterizes it a lot. He paired it with the same tone as the high latex shoe, a trend that comes with force. Fall,

High platform boots worn by Belinda. Photo: IG @belindapop

Belinda introduces beauty

In recent times, the sound of “Bella Treason” became a trend in social networks, when she made her debut in pop tour of 2000, The concert in which artists such as Patti Canto, Motel, Cudai, Dulce Maria, Basilos, Yahir, Pee Wee, Fanny Lu and Nikki Clan filled the audience with nostalgia with their songs.

Although it was not his presentation monterrey, Nuevo León, which left hundreds of her fans breathless, but her revealing outfit that didn’t have a neckline. it was about a black bodysuit Which completely covered it up, but the tightness of the garment helped mark Belinda’s influential personality and melt the masses.

Despite her fame, the singer has remained close to her followers and reveals a relaxed side in her career as it was sometime back. Thanks to this, she has managed to garner more and more fans who point to her honesty, sincerity and beauty to win the hearts of her fans.

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