Beloved former VLA host married a millionaire and looked prettier than ever in a bikini

“Come on Joy” (VLA) It is one of the oldest morning shows on television, so there are many presenters who have become a favorite of the public, however, some of them are no longer known, as in this case. dear ex driverwhat Married a millionaire and looked more beautiful than ever in a bikini again in the network,

Well Georgina Saint Born in Caracas, Venezuela, on December 5, 1975, came to our country at a very young age, and began his career in media in the late 90s, having major appearances in telenovelas such as: “Besos Forbidden”, ” La Vida en the Mirror”, “Love Is Not the Way to Paint It” and “Like in the Movies”.

Ana La Salvia marries Canadian millionaire

his last participation in VLA It was in 2011, and it was in 2019 when the beautiful actress surprised by announcing her marriage to Canadian James Mackenzieconsidered as millionaire From the country, which is 15 years older than the host and actress, and with whom he had a lavish princess-style wedding.

Ana La Salvia got married in a grand way. Photo: Special

At that time it became known in various media that Well They had received a helicopter as a wedding gift so that they could travel to an island owned by the businessman. The wedding took place in Canada, and only 110 people were invited, a small ceremony estimated to cost over $120 thousand.

Although the beautiful Venezuelan said in interviews that her husband does not stop her from working, the reality is that she currently lives in Canada with her partner and their children, which is why she has not been able to return to the forums. , however in 2020 he revealed that he has pending projects in our country and in the United States, which were slowed down by the covid-19 pandemic.

Before reaching the altar with her current husband, ana la salvia She had a long relationship with soccer player Pavel Pardo, and years earlier she had been married to Carlos Flores, whom she divorced after announcing that she had suffered physical and psychological violence; With the latter, the actress had three children, Briana, Emiliano and Santiago.

She reappears in bikini and looks more beautiful than ever

Xconductora de vla She is not very active on her social networks, so she was surprised by her latest publication on her official Instagram account, where she has 226,000 followers, which she conquered with flirtatious looks. bikinishowing that it is more beautiful than ever,

The former VLA host appeared in a flirty bikini. Photo: IG @analasalviaoficial

“Kiss everyone, enjoying the summer,” he wrote Saint To accompany one of the publications in which she shared two photos, in the first she is seen wearing a purple two-piece swimsuit from behind in front of a lake, while in the second postcard she is seen sitting on the side of a yacht appears to have happened

However, prior to that publication Well She was already seen in another series of photos in which she showed off her curvy silhouette with a modern Bikini In pink, a dress that she paired with a huge hat and sunglasses shows that she is having one of the best moments of her life, as she really enjoys the place where she lives .

The actress reappeared in the network and conquered her fans. Photo: IG @analasalviaoficial

As a television presenter, he gained popularity with his passing VLA, but before that he had already collaborated on two productions, “Insomnia” and “Kada Manana”. Too, salvia fuShe was one of the contestants of “La Isla, El Reality” in Seasons 4 and 5.

Her last project on television was the telenovela “And Tomorrow Will Be Another Day”, from 2018, and shortly after it became known in the media that the Venezuelan had started a relationship with a 15-year-old whom she Had met thanks to friends in common and whom he eventually married in 2019.

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