Ben Affleck left the mansion where he lives with Jennifer Lopez after a strong fight, he reveals

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It seems like Ben Affleck You Jennifer Lopez they couldn’t find balance after celebrating it boda Three days since a close source revealed that Celebrities are going through bad timesso the actor will have abandoned mansion where he stays with JLo after being one Strong fight.

Let us tell you that after celebrating his second marriage, he enjoyed honeymoon in italylater to return to their normal lives with their projects and their children, but many rumours, A source close to the couple confirmed it, where it was revealed that their relationship is in Problem Because JLo wants to be in control: “They have returned to the daily life of working and being a parent, the reality influencing them,

This source explained in “Radar Online” that the relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck going through one of his worst moments as the two have started all over again Daily Life And it has given them a tough competition. Well, this led him to a strong fight due to which the actor left the mansion where he lives with his wife in Los Angeles, California.

“The couple didn’t stop fighting. Before the wedding, Jennifer gave an Oscar-worthy performance, pretending to be perfect and too relaxed, Ben was blinded by love, but he didn’t know what he was doing himself.”

As per the above, the alleged source indicated that the fight was the result of Jennifer Lopez’s great concern that Ben Affleck return to his home. past behaviors and habitsFor example His great taste for partying and games of chance.

But it’s the two factors that have also triggered the constant fighting that the actors have had in their marriage and ever since they moved to live together in JLo’s luxurious mansion on the coast of the United States.

That is why the strong fight between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez prompted the actor to leave the mansion where he lives not only with JLo, but also with his children. Despite this, both the singer and the actor Looking for the best way to move forward in your relationshipAnd thus both as a couple adopt the new lifestyle which they should lead from now on.

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